It’s better together

If you grew up as a kid in the 80s & 90s you may well have had a "grip ball" set (A velcro based throw and catch game as pictured above). I can remember wanting to play it at times as a kid and having a go at throwing the ball against a wall or at a target to play myself, but it was always better played together with someone who could "catch it", "grip it", "rip it" and "throw it" back. Likewise, time and time again in scripture we see that Christianity is best done together. Acts 14 provides us with a pretty nice picture of this truth. 

We are more effective at mission together – Look at the way Paul and Barabas went from place to place with each other, making disciples together in Acts 14:1ff

We can support one another during the tough times – Look at the way the disciples helped Paul after he was stoned and left for dead outside Lystra in Acts 14:19-20

We can strengthen one anothers faith by challenging and encouraging one another to serve Jesus more passionately. – Look at the way Paul and Barnabas returned to the places they had alread visited with the intent to strengthen and encourage the believers there in Acts 14:21-23

It is quite rare to find individuals who are passionate followers of Jesus going it alone in the Scriptures. We are together the body of Christ (1 Cor 12). Christianity is best done together.  If this is true, what are you doing to connect with other Christian brothers and sisters? What are you doing to encourage others and where are you going to be encouraged yourself? These are important questions to ponder. Pursue togetherness – It will make for a better Christian walk.