How to Follow Jesus with your facebook

Hey Facebooker! Follow Jesus with your facebook.

If you are a Christian. Your facebook is not your own. Though the context of 1 Cor 6:19-20 isn’t really about the use of social media, the truth that “… you are not your own, you were bought with a price …” certainly has implications in whatever you decide to do with your body, including building your social media state.

you are not your own, you were bought with a price …”

Here are 5 tips for facebook use for Christians.

Like what Jesus would like

I am not looking to “WWJD?” you here, but we need to think it through. You have a choice to click the “like” button to anything that comes through your facebook feed. You exercise the choice many times per day. Every time you decide to “like” something you are part of the building of other people’s news feeds. Particularly the feeds of your “friends”.  So posts that point people to Jesus are worth hitting the “like” button on, and so are posts that are in line with what his children are meant to be on about. Think through your “likes” people.

Share what Jesus would share

Very similar to the above, but the reach and results are expanded. Sharing posts makes the “reach” of the post (the number of people that see it) expand dramatically. Yes. They will come up in your wall, and people can more easily see the things you share than the things you like (and this may be a big bold step for those of you that know you have Friends on facebook that don’t know you are a Christian). But before you take “sharing” posts about Jesus off your list of “done things on facebook” consider that we are called to share the gospel message and Jesus will be with us as we do (Matt 28:18-20).  Pick the posts that best proclaim Jesus and share them.

Promote His church

Local Churches are God’s chosen mechanism to build his people. Churches need to exist in the social media sphere and they need to reach people from within it. If you church has a facebook page, like it. If it posts on facebook, like and share the posts so they show up in more people’s news feeds. If they have a blog, share the posts on facebook. If they have an upcoming event, share it and invite your friends to it. God is building his Church and through the church and it’s people is declaring the truth that Jesus died to forgive the sin of the world and restore people back to a life-giving relationship with their creator. Direct people to your local church by pointing them there using your facebook.

“Sanctify” your posts

Facebook is essentially generated by its users, and you are one of them. Be prayerful about what you post and the impact it will have on your witness, and on others. Does your post draw people to Christ or push them away. You have very real impact on facebook. Will you use it to promote footy, clothing, cooking or the latest movies more than you will Jesus?

Network with your brothers and sisters

Finally, the body of Christ can utilise social media better than it does. We can encourage and support each other, organise ministry with one another and preach the gospel to one another via facebook groups and pages. Network with your fellow body members using facebook as a communication tool.

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